Master in Airlines, Hospitality & Tourism Management (MAHTM)

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24 Months
Eligibility: GRADUATE
University Master Programs


This 2-year course will teach students detail study of management in the field of Airlines, Hospitality & Tourism. After studying this management course students will learn hospitality skills that can be used in positions such as managerial skills, leadership, teamwork and organization.


Semester I

Management Process and PerspectivesIdentity requirements & skill sets.

You will learn how to follow & create a process, the step-wise flow of activities.

Managerial EconomicsYou will learn about Micro & Macroeconomics. You also learn about income & expenditure.

Management AccountingYou will learn about the cash flow of a business.

Organizational Behaviour – Identification of the prospects. You will also learn about the various activities performed by the employees.

Computer-Aided Management You learn how to use computer-based software.

Quantitative TechniquesYou learn how to do surveys & analyses of the travel industry.

Business Communication Get simple tips and advice on writing for businesses, and learn how to make your communications concise, easy to read, and engaging.

Semester II

Economic Environment of BusinessMarket & audience evaluation for the growth of the business.

Business Lawsfollowing guidelines given by the authorities.

Human Resource Management You will learn everything about employee & business growth.

Marketing Management Complete communication of marketing, budget, Target audience & reaching to the audience.

Production and Operations Management the process which transforms the inputs/resources of an organization into final goods (or services) through a set of defined, controlled and repeatable policies.

Business Ethics You will learn about the implementation of policies and procedures regarding topics such as fraud, bribery, discrimination, and corporate governance

Financial ManagementDeals with planning, future plans & risk analyzing

Research Methodology Is to know when & where to launch the product & service.

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Semester III

Travel Agency & Tour OperationsIn this module, students will learn about managing the Travel Agency, day to day operations handling of the agency.

Tourism Product & Services‐ IStudents will learn about the Tourism products of India. For example the destinations like hills stations, beaches, wildlife sanctuaries, etc.

Front Office Operations – Reservations & Registrations – In this module, the process of Hotel Front office operation is taught, including reservation of rooms, billing, etc.

Customer Care & Interpersonal SkillsHow to handle different customers, handle customer queries and grievances, and develop skills to manage customers in the service industry.

Tourism Product & Services‐ IIIn this advanced module, students will learn about Packaging different tours GIT, FIT, etc. Pricing the tour packages etc.

Automation in Tourism, Hospitality & AirlinesThis module will help students to use technology in Tourism, Hospitality, and Airline companies. Use of different computerised software for managing the industry operations smoothly.

Airlines ManagementAirline Management modules help to understand the Airline industry, Airport, and Airport operations.

Total Quality ManagementThis module helps to understand how the quality of the industry product and services has to be maintained. And deliver quality products and services to satisfy the customer demands.

Semester IV

♦ Management Control SystemsStudents will learn about operations and control of all departments in an organization.

Logistics and Supply Chain ManagementThis module focuses on the movement and storage of items in the supply chain.

Management Information SystemsTeaches how to use the information for decision making.

Strategic ManagementStudents will learn the process of setting goals, procedures, and objectives for the organization to be more.

Corporate Governance – Students learn about the laws and rules by which companies are directed and controlled by the government.

Project ManagementStudents study the process of leading the work of a team to achieve all project goals within the given constraints.

Entrepreneurship DevelopmentStudents learn about introducing some new ideas into the market.

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