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Tourism has become a very important sector which is impacting development of the economy of our country. The main benefits of tourism are generation of jobs and business income in volumes. For many countries and regions, tourism is the most important source of welfare..

India plays a vital role in tourism as it has 36 out of 1092 UNESCO World Heritage site. India’s rising middle class and increasing disposable incomes has supported the continued growth of domestic and outbound tourism. Foreign Tourist Arrivals (FTAs) increased to 5.97 million in January-July 2018, achieving a growth rate of 7.3 per cent year-on-year. Total contribution by travel and tourism sector to India’s GDP is expected to increase from Rs 15.24 trillion in 2018 to Rs 32.05 trillion in 2028. India was ranked 7th among 184 countries in terms of travel & tourism’s total contribution to GDP in 2018.

The Indian government has realized the country’s potential in the tourism indus­try and has taken several steps to make India a global tourism hub.

Major initiative planned by the Government of India is to achieve 1 per cent share by 2020 and 2 per cent share by 2025 in world’s international tourist arrivals. And Indian government has allocated Rs 1,250 crore for Integrated development of tourist circuits under Swadesh Darshan and Pilgrimage Rejuvenation and Spiritu­al Augmentation Drive (PRASAD).

Columbus Travel Academy with its learning centers is supporting with highly trained professionals to foster the sustained growth of tourism sector in India.

The excellence in teaching and research comes from the careful choice of faculty members in which Columbus Academy has not made any compromise. It has gone to outreach and fetch scholars from all over to enrich its faculty strength and quality. This year, we have introduced the newly designed curriculum and courses which is based on the principle of more hands on experience with strong fundamentals offering more choices to the students and imbibing social and national commitments in them.

Welcome to the passionate, compassionate learning culture and to a warm academic community.

Chandra Shekhar Tripathi Director, Columbus Academy
Sulbha Tripathi Director, Columbus Academy
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