1. Admission Forms: All students should fill up all the details in the admission for CTA and submit it to the Branch headwith mentioned documents & photographs. 2. Payments : a. All students are hereby notified that the monthly installmentshave to be paid on the date specified in the invoice. b. Installment payment to be made on the date specified on invoice orbefore 5th of every month , failing which Rs. 50/- will be charged per day (including holidays). If installment is paid in thenext calendar month, an additional late fine Rs. 250 only will be charged along with the daily penalty. c. In case the batch iscommencing after 20th of the month , then the installment has to be paid by 5th of the next month (I.e. batch starting on30th April will pay the first installment within 5th of May). d. The students are responsible to collect the receipts from the accountant on or before 31st of every month. CTA certificates will be issued only to students who produce all thesereceipts at the time of issue of certificates. e. Students can make the payment in form of Cash / cheque / DD / onlinepayment / debit cards or credit cards. f. In case cheques are dishonored a fine of Rs. 1000 /- only will be charged . In addition daily fine also will be imposed and will be charged along with the final amount. 3. Identity Cards : a. Identity cards are issued to students on the first day of the class. It is the student’s responsibility to collect the ID card from the accountsdepartment. b. In case if card is lost , duplicate card will be issued after the student has paid a penalty of Rs. 200 /- only. c.Students have to produce the ID card during the class hours and before giving the examinations. Certificate will be issued to students only after the student produces the ID card. 4. Batches : a. Each batch is assigned a faculty who is responsible for the learning process of a student. The faculty is expected to solve all the problems of the students . However, if a problem remain unsolved , the student is always welcome to contact the branch head. b. The student is expected to maintain a minimum 80% attendance along with the batch allocated / admitted to get the full benefit of the course. c. No student is to enter the classroom without the faculty’s permission. 5. Leave : a. Students who need leave for unavoidablecircumstances will have to submit an application 2 weeks in advance to the branch head without which the classes will not be made up. In case the candidate is unwell for more than 2 days in a month a doctor’s certificate should be produced forthe classes to be made up. 6. Refund: a. Admission fees is not refunded under any circumstance.b. No fee is refundable in case a student is deemed to have dropped out and / or has taken course stop over . 7. Examination: a. During the course every student is evaluated through examinations, which form a part of student’s final evaluation. Qualifying marks of all examinations is 50% of the total stipulated marks. b. Students have to clear the examinations within 1 month after finishing their scheduled course. No exam booking will be entertained after this period. 8. Placement : a. After completion of the course students can apply for placement assistance. b. Placement request form has to be filled by students and submit their CV to the placement department, or mail to
[email protected]
. c. Placement assistance is provided to every student with 3 chances of interview clause. d. Students must qualify in their CTA exams to avail the placementassistance.