Today we will give you complete information about jobs and necessary education in the Aviation Training In Palghar . High salary is available in these job profiles of aviation industry, there is good growth in career

Aviation Training In Palghar : After completion of education, if you are also thinking of making a career in the aviation industry, but do not find yourself capable of becoming a pilot and cabin crew, then do not be disappointed, because apart from this, now there are many opportunities in this sector. There are many departments where you can make your career. Most people limit the scope of the aviation sector to pilots, air hostesses and cabin crew, but its scope is vast. You can also work in this industry on job profiles like Airport Management, Airport Ground Staff, Air Ticketing etc

Aviation Training In Palghar

Aviation Training In Palghar – Ground Staff

Ground staff are important in the aviation industry. Their job is to maintain the airport with cleanliness. When the plane lands at the airport, then the convenience and safety of the passengers has to be taken care of. Along with this, the work of transportation of goods and stock of goods at the airport has to be done by the ground staff only. Ground staff handle different tasks at the airport. To make a career in airport ground staff, you can enter this field by doing certificate, diploma, bachelor and master level courses related to airport management. You can enter this sector after 12th.

Aviation Training In Palghar – Air Ticketing

To make a career in Air Ticketing of Aviation one must be above 18 years of age with minimum 12th standard educational qualification. Course Diploma in Air Ticketing and Travel Management with duration of minimum 6 months to 9 months, training is given in Travel Agency Business, World Time Zone, Airport and Airline Codes, Payment Modes, Foreign Currency, Passport and Visa etc.

Tour And Travel

If you want to earn extra by staying in the field of aviation, then tour and travel will be best for you, you will get a lot of work in this field. To enter this field, you can do a 6-month certificate course to a three-year Bachelor in Travel and Tourism Management and then a post graduate course.

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